Table 1 gives an overview of the numerous existing questionnaires. The list is still under construction. However, this can give you a first impression. The page will be further extended.

Name of the Questionnaire



Measured Factors

Further Information

User Experience Questionaire


Measuring the user experience of a specific product

Transparency, originality, stimulation, predictability, efficiency



Measuring of the perceived hedonic and pragmatic quality


Software Usability Measurement Inventory


System Usability Scale




Net Promoter Score



Customer satisfaction (NPS = promoter % - critic %)


Customer Effort Score



Evaluation of the customer service and the quality of interactions with the customer


Table 1: Overview of Questionnaires 


What Do You Need To Know About Questionnaires?

Particular attention should be paid to the language. A simple translation should be validated academically; otherwise, the questionnaire may do not measure the intended factors.


Core Literature

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