The outline of student papers may vary depending on the type and scope of the paper, but in generally it usually includes the following sections:

  1. Cover Page:
    Title of the paper, name of the author, name of the college/university, department, date, person who gave the assignment, supervisor.
  2. Abstract/Summary:
    A brief summary of the paper in German and/or English. This concisely presents the main objectives, methods, and results of the paper.
  3. Table of Contents:
    A listing of the main chapters and subchapters of the paper with page numbers to allow for clear navigation.
  4. Introduction:
    This introduces the topic of the paper, explains the objectives, describes the research context, and states the central research question.
  5. Theoretical Background:
    This section provides a comprehensive presentation of the theoretical foundations and concepts on which the thesis is based. Relevant theories, models, or concepts that are important to understanding the research question are explained here.
  6. Research Methods:
    This section describes the research methods used. This includes the type of data collected (e.g., surveys, interviews, experiments), the sample, the research approach (qualitative, quantitative, or a combination), and the data analysis methods.
  7. Results:
    This is where the results of the research are presented and interpreted. Graphs, tables, or statistics can be used to illustrate the results.
  8. Discussion:
    In this section, the results are compared with the theoretical background and interpreted. It discusses whether the hypotheses were confirmed or disproved and the implications of the results.
  9. Conclusion/Outlook:
    The main findings of the paper are summarized, and potential future research approaches are outlined.
  10. Bibliography:
    A listing of all sources used, formatted according to a specific citation style (e.g., APA, IEEE).
  11. Appendices (optional):
    Additional materials such as survey questionnaires, interview transcripts, or other supporting documents may be attached here.

Please note that the exact outline may depend on the requirements of your college, program, and the chosen method. It is important to consider the respective guidelines and recommendations of your department or your supervisor.

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